Recent news

  • 03/01/22 Our research on the unequal impacts of wildfire smoke exposure was just accepted in Nature Human Behavior! Draft here.
  • 02/24/22 Our paper on urban water loss management was just published in Environmental Research Letters!
  • 02/22 Accepted the Federal Reserve Board’s offer to join as a climate economist!
  • 01/30/22 Predoc work on estimating spatial preferences for biological invasion management published in Biological Invasions!
  • 12/09/21 UPenn Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center seminar
  • 12/06/21 Updated version of our work on researchers' degrees-of-flexibility out this week in the NBER release, also ungated here!
  • 12/01/21 UGA Agricultural & Applied Economics seminar series

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